The problem is worse than you'd think!

Thousands of tons of man made plastic pollution is floating around our seas endangering the marine life that lives there. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be as much plastic as there are fish in The World's seas and oceans. This is not only bad news for the fish, Dolphins, Whales and Turtles but also for us. People rely hugely on the seas to feed us and provide oxygen for us to breathe. If we kill the oceans we kill ourselves!

What we do

We are volunteers who actually go out in boats and clean what sea we can reach. Bottle by bottle, bag by bag and every lump of polystyrene we find. We face an enormous task, but if we can save a Sun Fish here or a Turtle there then at least we are scratching the tip of that iceberg! One day we may reach our goal of eradicating plastic pollution by campaigning to remove its source.

A New Life in the Sun Plastic Patrol Plastic Patrol Coast Blanca Plastic Patrol Spain

How can you help?

Visit our Facebook page.

Joining and Sharing our Facebook group with your friends helps to increase awareness of this huge man made plastic pollution problem.



Plastic Patrol Plastic Patrol Plastic Patrol Plastic Patrol


We are always looking for Volunteers to man the boats, spotters and pickers to get that plastic out of the water. Currently we run just one boat on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain. We hope to expand the fleet worldwide by inspiring others to set up their own Plastic Patrols.

Volunteers donate €20 for fuel and we go hunting for around 2 to 3 hours on a Sunday morning, departing from Denia's El Portet Marina.

You can volunteer for Plastic Patrol by visiting our Facebook group here and sending us a message


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Got your own boat?

Since our project began in June 2016 we have inspired other people to start their own Plastic Patrols, one further down the coast in Spain and another in Poole Harbour in the UK. We want more people to get involved with this important and fun work. If you have a boat then you can do the same. Email us to receive your free information on how to get started.


By contributing to our project you can help keep us going.


We don't always get enough volunteers to cover the costs of our regular missions but we still need to get out there and clean the sea. Your fuel donations directly help to keep us going.


We need everything from landing nets and boat hooks for actually removing the plastic waste from the sea, to gloves and life jackets to keep our volunteers safe. We currently monitor water temperatures but water-sampling kits would allow us to monitor the salinity, alkalinity and PH levels of the waters that we visit regularly. This information is important for numerous research projects and can be shared with other marine environmental organisations around the world.

As with any project there are also website and administrational costs that need to be covered so anything that you can contribute will be very gratefully received and put to very good use.

Talk to us if you have your own idea for contributing